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5 Big web design trends predictions for 2022

| Marketing, Web Design | No Comments
WHAT NOT TO EXPECT IN 2022 Do not expect the Metaverse to be significant in anything but marketing speak. Yes, the hardware is slowly becoming more available, but the Metaverse in 2022…
Smiling young woman waving through the laptop web camerain the kitchen.

How to prepare for immersive web

| Web Design | No Comments
Websites as we know them are going to change very soon. The days of text, images, and basic interactions in a 2D browser window have served us well, but virtual, augmented, and…

Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022

| Branding, Marketing, Social Media | No Comments
We’re quickly nearing the end of another COVID-disrupted year, and while many will be glad to see the back of 2021, with a return to normal now on the horizon, we do…
Analysis of marketing development

The brand purpose debate: Is the pendulum swinging ‘too hard’?

| Marketing | No Comments
People tend to love or hate brand purpose, but is its real value somewhere in the middle? Top marketers and researchers weigh in. Earlier this week, renowned effectiveness researcher Peter Field unveiled…
Tablet and magazines on table

Does the design of everyday materials deserve more credit?

| Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design | No Comments
Logos, exhibition design and book covers can often seem like the zenith of graphic design. Do reports, documents and catalogues get overlooked by comparison? When it comes to getting designers talking, there’s…
Cropped view of designers with mobile website wireframe sketches and cubes with ux letters on table

Understanding Web Design Terminology – Wireframes

| Web Design | No Comments
An introduction to wireframes Much like any industry, web design has a broad selection of terminology that is often used to explain features, processes, elements, and more. But what do these terms actually mean,…

7 Commandments of Good UI Design

| Graphic Design, Mobile, Web Design | No Comments
Imagine walking into the most beautiful building in the world—mosaic on every square inch of the place, stained-glass—the whole shebang. You walk into the first door, it’s a push one. Still marvelling…
Using laptop

Research Shows Having A Bad Website Can Hurt Your Business

| SEO, Web Design | No Comments
Here’s a sad scenario. Someone sends a prospective client your way. They’re a warm, maybe even a hot lead. Before contacting you, they do what everyone else does — they visit your website to…
woman working on laptop at home.

3 Ways to Optimise Your Google Ad Copy

| Marketing, SEO | No Comments
Google Ads. We need them, we love them, but they can be challenging if you’re unsure of how to optimize them to maximize their impact. Google is the largest search engine out…
Young office workers are using smartphones to exchange social media data.

5 Tricks From the Social Media Playbook That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

| Marketing, Social Media, Web Design | No Comments
The purpose of any website comes down to two factors: engaging a person and getting that person to take action. You must create sufficient interest with visitors for them to stay on your…
Digital sustainability. Tech carbon footprint. Green computing

How ‘Sustainable’ Web Design Can Help Fight Climate Change

| Web Design | No Comments
DANNY VAN KOOTEN is a Dutch programmer who decided to reduce his carbon output by no longer eating beef or flying. Then, five months ago, he made a change that had an even bigger impact—and…

How the pandemic has transformed B2B marketing forever

| Marketing | No Comments
Business-to-business marketing is becoming increasingly indistinguishable from consumer marketing, a trend further accelerated by the pandemic. What new tactics are B2B marketers are employing? Have we finally reached the moment where B2B…

Bad vs. Good Accessible Designs

| Web Design | No Comments
Do you know about all of the different website design options out there? There’s such a variety of sites available that it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your…

7 Basic Tips to Make Your Photos Look Professional

| Photography | No Comments
These days, there are no excuses for bad photos. Cameras are better than ever, mobile phone camera technologies broke all possible barriers, and editing tools are aplenty. Making your photos look professional…

8 Typography Design Trends

| Graphic Design | No Comments
Visual design is more powerful than ever. With graphic design trends stretching from recreating organic textures to otherworldly, trippy tech styles, and modern still life scenes, there are practically no limits. So, to some, typography can feel…

App Prototyping: Types, Examples & Usages

| Apps | No Comments
Designers, product managers, developers, and other product creators start their projects with prototyping since websites or mobile apps prototyping has been taken as the best, fastest, and even cheapest way to test…

The Importance of Keeping your WordPress Website up-to-date

| Web Design | No Comments
WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) and powers roughly 25 percent of all the websites on the internet. No matter which hosting platform is used, it is imperative to…

Does Google Gives Preference to Content Above the Fold?

| SEO | No Comments
In an SEO Office-hours hangout Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google gave a preference to content located in the spot known as above the fold. Mueller explained of how much content Google…

Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Website Design

| Web Design | No Comments
Here’s a cold truth: if you’re not a professional website designer, creating a near-perfect website is quite challenging. Using templates and appealing themes can do the trick, but you’ll also want to…

The industry trends to avoid in 2021

| Marketing | No Comments
Too many brands will fail to recognise the obsolescence of their preferred ways to target customers this year, leaving them without a viable solution – unless they act now. Last year was…