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iDenfy presents an identity verification plugin for a seamless WordPress experience

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iDenfy has expanded its solutions kit by presenting a user-friendly WordPress plugin. iDenfy’s AI-powered ID verification solution can be easily integrated into any WordPress website.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alone calculated that there were more than 5.7 million reports last year, of which 49% were for fraud and 25% for identity theft. Crime numbers are rising due to the widespread use of the internet and online services. For this reason, according to iDenfy, website security is one of the most important factors in preventing hackers and cyber thieves from accessing sensitive data.

iDenfy believes that integrating customised plugins is one of the easiest options to increase website security and prevent fraud. To simplify its standard identity verification integration, the ID verification company developed a unique, user-friendly alternative for WordPress users. As claimed by iDenfy, the WordPress plugin ensures a hassle-free identity verification process, focusing on saving time and costs for WordPress users that want to step up their security game.

Typically, plugins save a lot of development time, which results in optimising the business’ overall budget. As reported by iDenfy, many companies today search for quick onboarding solutions that authenticate customers who are registering on the website. The company says that the goal is always the same – customers need to be verified while ensuring efficient fraud prevention.

Asked about the challenges, iDenfy mentioned the lack of support and clear guidelines as one of the issues that push businesses away from choosing identity verification as their potential fraud prevention method. For this reason, iDenfy’s vision regarding its plugin was to transform complex implementation procedures into a simple ID verification integration process that would be understandable for anyone with a WordPress website.

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, an online forum, or a teaching platform, iDenfy claims to support all entities from various industries publishing content on WordPress. The plugin by iDenfy proposes seamless integration: customers need to install and activate the plugin, create an account, then download and add the API key as well as the API secret credentials to enable the automatic ID verification.

iDenfy explains the user-friendly approach by noting that customers don’t need to study documentation independently or have any programming knowledge. On top of that, iDenfy doesn’t require customers to pay maintenance fees, adding that the company takes care of all API and onboarding charges.

“Modern businesses evaluate the benefits and choose to enhance their security by integrating digital ID verification. The security factor, speed, and cost, not to mention user-friendliness, attract more organisations to switch to an automated authentication approach rather than sticking to lengthy, manual processes,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

Source: https://www.electronicspecifier.com/news/latest/idenfy-presents-an-identity-verification-plugin-for-a-seamless-wordpress-experience

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